I am a nurse first, Dr. McCoy,

and a member of the crew of the Enterprise


*Independent Christine Chapel roleplaying blog.
*Mun has 5+ years of roleplaying experience.
*Muse is 21+, mun is 18+.
*Familiar with TOS/AOS and mirror!verse.
*Multiship, multiverse.
*NSFW content for 18+ only.
*Gif chat, icons, prose, script, etc.
*Willing to interact with OCs and canon characters from all fandoms.

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Got a wave of hair that you could surf on and an odd look of distate. It’s that kinda night.

        — { PSA: If we’re mutual follows, and you unfollow me, and it’s not a genuine
               mistake, I will unfollow you so fast, it’s unreal. If I actually thought you were my
               friend, I’ll unfollow a whole lot faster, because fuck that shit. }

        — { Oh no, I lost four followers for posting an opinion. People get upset so easily
                these days. It’s actually really quite sad, and makes me wonder how people cope
                in the big, bad real world. }

        — { I wonder how many ignorant people I would piss off if I started writing in
               ’purple prose’.

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        — { I had no idea that Fight Club was going to be one of those books that I can’t put
               down. Like, I’d heard that it was good, and I adore the film, but this book. Damn.
               I’m probably going to end up finishing it today, which means great things for
               this reading challenge that I’m doing. So far, I’ve only read six books out of one
               hundred, so I’m about twenty one books behind schedule. I’ve got a lot of
               catching up to do. If my activity here is decreased even further than it is already
               right now, then you know why. }


     ❝…Not even surprised at this point.
        Besides, I don’t have the ass for it.
         —you got a better butt than I do, sir.❞


    ❝…How dare you think you don’t have a beautiful ass?
       If I could make that some form of mutiny, in some way, I would.❞


    ❝…So damn subtle.❞


    ❝I don’t mess around with subtlety when butts are involved.
       Butts are serious business.❞

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    ❝I really like your butt!