TOS 1x01 — The Man Trap.


UPDATES: semi-hiatus in effect from october 29th to november 3rd.

        as  it  says  in  the video, i’m way too fucking lazy to actually make a
        graphic for this giveaway, even though it probably would have taken 
        much less time than filming and uploading a video. whatever.

        BASICALLY,  i’m  going  to  give  someone  a  pizza.  that’s  a lie,
        because i’m not just going to give someone a pizza, i’m going to
        buy someone whatever they want from pizza hut/dominos/{insert
        online pizza place here} up to the  value  of  £30/$50/{insert  your
        currency  here}.  yes,  that’s  right,  you read that correctly. that’s
        basically  a  whole  meal  for  your  family,  including   sides   and
        desserts   and  drinks  and  whatever.  your  family  meal  for  the
        evening is on me. so,  here  are  some  basic  details  that  you’re
        probably going to need to know for this giveaway, and good luck!

  — you must be following me.  this  is  a  giveaway  for  my  beautiful
        followers.  also, if you unfollow me after the giveaway’s over, then
        you’re not getting your pizza.  if you unfollow me after i’ve bought
        the pizza, well, that’s just fucking rude, and you’re probably going
        to hell for being a big ol’ meanie.

  — you must be comfortable giving me your address. obviously, i’m
        going to need it for the ordering of the food.

  — if your  favourite  pizza  place  doesn’t  have  an  online  ordering
        system, please make the sacrifice and find somewhere else that
        does.  it  just  makes things a whole lot easier for me, seeing as i
        won’t be able to make calls to overseas pizza joints.

  — this giveaway is available to people worldwide !!  as  long  as  you
        have somewhere near you with an online ordering system that will
        deliver to you.

  — you must  reblog this post at least once.  i  know,  i  know,  you’ll
        have  to have my face on your blog, but isn’t it worth it for pizza?
        after that, you’re more than welcome to like it for  an  extra  entry.
        i’m not sure multiple reblogs count anymore, but hell, you can try
        it  anyway.  as  long as you have at least one reblog , then  that’ll
        count.  but  i  don’t  wanna  see  likes  and  no   reblogs.   if   that
        happens,  then  you  guys  won’t  be  entered  into  the giveaway,

  — you don’t have to be a roleplay blog! pretty much everyone enjoys
        pizza, i’m sure as  that,  but  if  you  are   a  personal  blog,  you’re
        obviously  going  to  have  to  be  comfortable following a roleplay

  —  giveaway  ends on november 19th at 10pm GMT !!  entries after
        that time won’t be accepted, and winners will  be  announced  at
        some time on november 20th.

  — and finally, again, G O O D L U C K !!!!

ofemotion: "Are you hurt anywhere?"
meme — {x} | accepting.


         i’m fine, spock. stop worrying. i’m not
              dead,  right? so i’m fine. relax. no-one
              else  was  hurt,  and  i’m   fine.   really.

ofemotion: [text] I can’t take you seriously when you’re using that many emojis.
meme — {x} | accepting.

[ PERSONAL COMM MESSAGE:  Kirk, J. T. {Captain — U.S.S. Enterprise} > > > Spock, S. T. {Commander — First Officer — U.S.S. Enterprise} ] 

        >  emojis??
        > what emojis??
        > :)
        > oh, those.

miistreated: [text] You’ll never guess who just texted me. [text] Your mom.
meme — {x} | accepting.

:: TXT MSG to — babe <3 ::
              14:09 — shit. fuck. what did she say? does she know? are we rumbled?

:: TXT MSG to — babe <3 :: 
              14:09 — …wait, how did she even get your number?

draconisa: "You hide booze in your Bible?"

         it’s the best kind of blasphemy. 

areyoutellingme: "If I could breathe, I would vomit."
meme — {x} | accepting.


         and i thought i was supposed to  be
              a terrible sick person. relax, you’ll be
              okay.  you’re  not  gonna die…that’s
              probably  not  reassuring,  but  i  am
              trying to be. admittedly, i don’t know
              how to deal with sick people…okay,
              i’m gonna shut up now, so you  can
              try and get some sleep.


holy shit guys—— i never thought i’d ever get so far on this blog. but here you all are. 800 of you nerds. i don’t know what the hell made you guys want to follow me, but trust me, i’m so grateful that every one of you decided my blog was worth following. oh god, that means you had to sit through my constantly sporadic activity. you guys all deserve a pat on the back. but yes, thank you my darling followers, new and old. i love you all. 

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